Sew What! Zipper Repairs

  1. If a coat/jacket zipper is opening up as you move the slide, and the zipper teeth and bottom tabs are intact, the zipper slide may be replaced. This costs around $12.

  2. Complete replacement of a coat/jacket zipper starts around $35 for a plastic zipper. You can usually pick out the zipper you want.

  3. Slacks/skirt zippers need to be replaced if they break.

  4. Zippers on other items - like bags or purses may be replaced as well.

  5. If you bring in your item with a broken zipper, we can quickly tell you if it can be replaced and quote a price.

  6. Caution on two-way jacket zippers - it is very important to completely set the bottom tabs into the slide so the zipper works. Many people bring them in thinking they are broken, when all we have to do is to show them how to completely set the slide in the bottom of the zipper.

  7. Zippers can be repaired on leather jackets as well - both slide replacement and complete zipper replacement.

  8. If you have a zipper problem we are glad to take a look at it and make a recommendation.

We have a lot of zippers and zipper slides!

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