Slacks Need a Waist Adjustment?

There are several ways to take in and let out slacks depending on how they were made and what look the customer wishes. We discuss options during the fitting so they can be explained in front of a mirror where you can see what the alteration will look like.

Men's Slacks
Men's dress slacks are easier because there is enough material at the waist to either take them in or let them out. The extra material can be seen on the inside of the seat of the pants. It is not as labor intensive as a woman's slacks so not as costly. It involves removing the extra stitching and a belt loop or two which we must sew back after the waist is adjusted. Since men's slacks are not lined and we only have one seam in the center back to adjust, it takes less time and cost than woman's slacks. The old stitch line may show if the waist is let out so you may be able to tell by looking that the waist was let out.

Women's Slacks
Women's slacks can be taken in, but not let out since almost all clothing manufacturers do not leave extra material inside the slacks to let out. We can take the waist in by adjusting either the back center seam or the two side seams of the slacks. We may also have to remove and then reattach the waistband. This almost always takes more time and therefore more cost than men's slacks.

The waistband in women's slacks also takes more time than in men's slacks. The waistband may have as many as 4 pieces and all must be taken out and then sewn back after adjusting the waist to make the slacks look as original as possible. You may be able to see the old stitch lines when we are finished. Women's slacks also have a lining and that takes more time.

Docker Style Slacks
These are adjusted the same as women's slacks. There is almost never any extra material inside the slacks to be able to let them out.

Blue Jeans
The waist can be adjusted by taking them in at the back center seam (like men's slacks). We can also add darts to the back of the jeans above each of the back pockets and then put a seam in the center of the waistband of the jeans just under the belt loop to adjust the waist in a different manner. Adjusting the waist side seams is harder, but not impossible. The small metal button at the bottom of the side pocket has to be removed and the pocket will get slightly smaller.

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