Sew What! Reweaving

We use a professional reweaver for the highest quality clothing repairs of suits, slacks, dresses and sweaters.

  • Reweaving is the most sophisticated repair available for tears, burns, or holes in fine clothing.

  • This is done by an expert who uses specialized equipment and has over 20 years of experience.

  • The process involves dropping the item off at one of our shops, then we send it to the reweaver who will call you with a cost estimate and an explanation of the appearance of the repair.

  • If the item to be repaired is part of a suit, then bring the other item(s) from the suit since the reweaver will need to find fabric to use in the reweave from the garment itself.

  • The completed order (or not completed if you do not approve) is then sent back to the original shop for pick-up.

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