Sew What! Frequently Asked Questions

1) I've lost weight and need to make my pants 2-3 sizes smaller, can you do that?

We can take in the waist on pants to fit better, but if we take in the waist too much:

2) Can you lengthen my slacks?

Yes, but we have to watch out for a few things.
  • Sometimes the original stitch line will show on the lengthened slacks.
  • The original crease line may also show.
  • There could be a fade line at the edge of the slacks that will not go away.
  • In these cases if you need to lengthen the slacks we recommend sewing the new stitch line along the original stitch line or fade line to help hide them.

3) Do I need to make an appointment?
  • You only need to make appointments for bridal or formal fittings since the seamstress who will do the work would like to do the fitting as well to see how the garment fits on you.
  • On other items you do not need an appointment.

4) What do I need to bring with me to a fitting?
  • For pants, you need to bring the shoes with the lowest heel you will usually be wearing so the fitting is correct.
  • For dresses, especially bridal and formal you will need to bring in the shoes and undergarments you will be wearing.
  • We cannot promise that the garment will fit correctly with certain shoes or undergarments unless they are present at the fitting.

5) When can I get my alterations back?
  • We typically book out a week, but if you have a special need please tell us and we will make every effort to get them done when you need them.
  • We typically have pant hems done the next day - unless we have too many.
  • We try to have alterations ready for pickup at 4PM the day due. This is because the work is usually done on the due date.
  • We know there are emergencies, and have been known to alter wedding gowns in a few days, and even some prom and bridesmaid dresses overnight. We do these if we can and there may be a small additional charge for overtime.

6) Do I need more than one fitting?
  • Not usually unless it is a complicated alteration or you are having several different alterations done to a single garment. Then a second fitting may be needed to get a correct fit.

7) What if my clothes do not fit right when I pick them up?
  • Our policy gives you 30 days to come back and have the garment refitted if we did the fitting.
  • If you asked us to alter the garment without a fitting, then we do not redo for free. This happens occasionally when someone tells us to shorten or take in/let out a waist on a garment a specified number of inches.
  • In these cases we have done as you have requested (we refer to them as customer requests) and we will charge for any subsequent adjustments.
  • This is why we prefer to do the fitting, even though it takes more time. It is the best way to get the alteration right the first time.

8) Does a used garment need to be cleaned before altering?
  • We may ask for a used garment to be cleaned before altering. Please do not be offended, since it is a health issue.
  • We often have to turn garments inside-out to make a good alteration and on pants this can be an issue.
  • We can get the garment cleaned for you before the work for a normal dry cleaning price.

9) What happens to my clothes if I forget to pick them up?
  • Your pink receipt should have a due date on it. We do not call until the item is 2-3 months late.
  • We usually keep the clothes in the store at least 6 months before we remove and dispose of the clothing.
  • Our receipt does state that we are not responsible for items after 30 days.
  • This is why we ask for a phone number on the invoice.

10) Why can't you do a quick alteration that is cheaper?
  • We take pride in our work and do not want to do a quick, cheap alteration that does not fit our standard of quality.
  • We do not apologize for this. We take pride in quality work and do not take shortcuts even if you request it.
  • We have been in business for over 30 years and rely heavily on a word-of-mouth reputation for doing quality work at a reasonable price.
  • This reputation would be damaged if people found out we were doing lower quality work.

11) Why are some alterations so expensive?
  • Alterations are based upon the time needed for an experienced person to do the work.
  • Some alterations require more time than others.
  • This is especially true for alterations requiring the garment to be taken apart.
  • We try to keep the alteration cost as low as possible.

12) Why can't you hem my pants so I can wear both 5" heels and sandals?
  • Typically pants are hemmed to be 1/2 inch from the ground when you are standing.
  • If we hem them to work with 5" heels they will be 4 1/2" too long for sandals.
  • We prefer to hem the pants for the shortest heel you will wear so while they may be short for higher heels, they will not drag on the ground when wearing the shortest heel.

13) Why am I requested to either prepay my order or put down a deposit?
  • Several years ago we had over $15,000 of work done in one year on clothing that was never picked up.
  • We felt we had two options to help reduce this problem: either raise prices to cover this loss or ask for a deposit or prepay.
  • We decided to ask for the prepay or deposit so we did not have to raise our prices on our many good customers to make up for the few problem ones.
  • We appreciate this help from our customers and fully stand behind our work should there be an issue.

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