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Sew What! Makes & Re-Covers Cushions

We make and re-cover a lot of cushions at Sew What!

  • We make and re-cover all types of cushions and pillows.
  • We can re-cover your old cushions and pillows - as long as the foam is still good.
  • This is specialized work that we do in our main shop
  • The process starts by placing an order at any of our shops.
  • The customer needs to provide the fabric for the cushions and all other special accessories (we provide cording, batting and zippers).
  • The customer may provide the foam, or purchase our very high quality industrial grade foam. Our foam is expensive but stays firm for a long time.
  • It is important to have a good drawing and a detailed explanation of the cushion. The cushion can only be as good as the measurements you provide.
  • If an exact size (for example: a cushion that fits inside a frame) is needed please remember cording and batting can add 1" or so to each side. Please mention this to the person taking your order so we can take this into account.
  • Once the order is sent to our main shop we will call you with a price quote.
  • The completed order is sent back to the original shop for pick-up.
  • Turn around time is generally 2-3 weeks.

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